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Trillium etc.

PLEASE NOTEPlants (except "new species aff. viridescens") are ONLY be sold bare root September – April. Plants will be shipped as bare root tubers. Plants are planted in a garden bed April - dormancy, which can occur anytime from July - early September. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about quantity discounts, please contact me via email. 

The genus Trillium contains 47 - 50 species with new species in press and being researched. Species are found in 4 geological regions found in Asia and North America. The majority of species are found in eastern North America.

Plants are part of the spring ephemeral flora and begin growing (in USDA zone 6a) in middle April to middle May.  They flower middle May - early July. While species are found over many different ecological niches and geographical areas, I find those that are offered easily cohabitate together in the same garden. While plants in nature live in shady conditions, in cultivation they can be maintained in brighter conditions. Plants prefer a plot that is seasonally moist but not wet. Wet feet will drown Trillium (except T. undulatum which can be found in bogs).

Plants are domestically sourced and propagated via seed and / or rhizome division. Seedlings can take up to 10 years to mature and rhizome divisions often flower in 2-3 years. This is why they are priced as they are. I hope to soon offer more Trillium species, as well as Trillium hybrids, and eventually Paris species.

The majority of species are garden hardy from USDA zone 5b - 9a, but some of the more southern species may have issues below zone 6. ALL species offered are growing well in my garden in USDA zone 6a, just north of Pittsburgh, PA.

A culture sheet is available upon purchase.

SECOND NOTE:   I have a PowerPoint presentation available to garden groups. The presentation is about 45 minutes long and covers many of the species native to eastern North America. Please contact me for details.

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