Website Orders:  At this time the website accepts most credit cards. PayPal has been an issue and has been removed.

Personal Appearances: I am more frequently found speaking publicly at garden groups and orchid societies.  If you pre-order items I am happy to bring them to the speaking venue. PLEASE contact me and I will refund your shipping charges. While at the venue I accept cash, and credit card via square.  I will also accept a personal check with identification.


Shipping is via USPS priority mail. I try to ship the Monday or Tuesday after receiving the order. Sometimes shipping is delayed due to weather or because I am traveling to speak.

Charges: Packing, shipping, and handling charges are based upon the size and weight of the item.  With various Aroids (Amorphophallus, Arisaema, Sauromatum, etc.), orchids, Trillium, etc. shipping a dormant tuber costs significantly less than shipping a fully emerged and/or flowering plant. As the season progresses, additional shipping costs must be added for the increase in size and weight of the parcel.

Cold Season Orders: If the weather / temperature in western Pennsylvania or at your location is damagingly hot or cold I will pause shipping until conditions improve. 


Pre-Inspection: All plants and tubers are inspected and photographed prior to packing and shipping. Tubers are inspected for soft areas, discolored areas, and moldy areas. Plants are inspected for irregular leaf and petiole spotting, insects, insect damage, and possible sunburn damage.

Damaged Packages: If you receive a package that has obvious physical damage PLEASE photograph it from multiple angles prior to opening. This will aid me in damage recovery from the USPS.

Mixed Orders: If an item is received that is not the size, species, or variety you ordered; please contact me immediately. I will ask for you to send me a photograph of the plant / tuber.

Damaged plants: Plants damaged during shipping (frozen, crushed, cooked, etc.) I will ask for you to send me a photograph of the plant. Packages sometimes get jostled (or tossed around) during shipping.

Please inspect leaves for what appear to be wet areas (possible freeze damage).

Dormant Tubers: Dormant tubers (Aroids, Orchids, Trillium, etc.) are only guaranteed up to a week after delivery. Please open and check your tubers as soon as possible. During cold periods I will pause shipping but weather reports can be wrong. Be certain that tubers are firm, with no soft spots.


Please email photographs or questions:

Please text photographs or questions:  (814)-574-2551


I am a very small scale grower. Most plants are in limited supply. If you are interested in purchasing 5 or more of a specific item or interested in making a purchase of several separate items, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I am very happy to make a package deal for anyone.