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Typhonium aff. glaucum AGA 1519-01

 [USDA zone 11a – 13b ?]


Plants may represent an undescribed species.


This species is native to China (Guangdong, Hainana Is.), Laos, Thailand, and probably Vietnam. Plants sprout from a subterranean tuber. Plants of this strain grows 2” – 4” tall. Each tuber produces several leaves with thin petioles. The leaf blades are oblong 2” – 3½” long and 1½” – 2 ½” wide. The leaves are green with a slight silvery sheen. The inflorescence is produced from between the leaves. Each tuber can sequentially produce 1 - 2 flowers per season. The inflorescence is single “flowered”. The “flower” is actually a modified inflorescence that consists of the spathe (outer ornamental part) and the spadix (internal sexual bits). The spadix is 1” – 1 ¾” long. It can be straight or with a 45 degree bend. The spadix is cream to light green-yellow. The spathe that surrounds the spadix is equally long but folds back when the bud opens. The outside of the spathe is light green with the base cream to cream-green. In brighter light the basemay be sparsly spotted purple. The inside is light green. The flowers attract flies and carrion beetles for pollination. Flowers are lightly scented to unscented.

Typhonium aff. glaucum AGA 1519-01

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