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Trillium sulcatum [USDA zone 5b – 9b]

These are flowering size or near flowering size rhizomes ready for planting. Plants will be sold potted in 3” - 4” plastic pots April - October. Plants will be sold bare root October – April.


This is a member of subgenus Trillium and part of the Trillium “erectum-complex”. T. sulcatum is native to mountainous areas of West Virginia, western Kentucky, northwestern North Carolina, western Virginia, central Tennessee, northern Alabama, and extreme northwestern Georgia.


Plants are 12” – 28” tall. At the center of the leaves is where the flower forms. As typical of subgenus Trillium the flower is produced on a stem (peduncle) that holds it above the leaves.  The peduncle is 1” – 3” long and erect.  The flower of T. sulcatum is held at a 90 degree angle. The sepals are green or green overlaid dark purple-red. The petals are dark purple-red.  Flowers are 1” 2¼” across.  Flowers are scentless or have a mild mushroom like scent.

Trillium sulcatum [USDA zone 5b – 9b]

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