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Trillium new species aff. viridescens

These are flowering size rhizomes ready for planting.


Plants will be sold as fully emerged flowering plants.  This is an EXTREEMELY RARE plant. At this point only about 150 are confirmed. I own 45-50 of these. These are grown in my garden and I am making only a few available. These will be dug when they are sold. At some point (hopefully in 2023) I will get around to publishing this as a new species. 


This is a member of subgenus Phyllantherum and is a member of the "cuneatum-complex". These are produced from rhizome division from plants originally obtained from south central Tennessee some years ago. These particular plants are distinct from both T. cuneatum and T. luteum.  They are very similar to T. viridescens which occurs in central Arkansas at its closest, about a 500 mile distance.


Plants are 8" - 12" tall. Typical of Trillium the stem terminates with 3 bracts (leaves). At the center of the leaves is where the flower forms. The sepals are medium green with some purple veins and blush basally. The petals are a bright green with purple bases. Petals stand erect, with their apices touching. Petals are 2” – 3½” long.  On sunny days the flowers smell very strongly of a freshly cut granny smith apple.

Trillium new species aff. viridescens

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