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Trillium luteum [USDA zone 5b – 7a]

These are flowering size or near flowering size rhizomes ready for planting. Plants will be sold potted in 3” - 4” plastic pots April - October. Plants will be sold bare root October – April. There are several antidotal reports of plants surviving near Toronto Canada.


This is a member of Subgenus Phyllantherum and is a member of the "cuneatum-complex". T. luteum is native to south central Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and extreme northern Georgia. Plants are 8" - 15" tall. Typical of Trillium the stem terminates with 3 bracts (leaves). At the center of the leaves is where the flower forms. The sepals are medium green. The petals are a bright chartreuse-yellow. Petals stand upright but often recurve and spiral.  Petals are 2” – 4½” long. The flowers smell very strongly of lemon in bright sunlight.


These are produced from rhizome division from plants originally obtained from south central Tennessee. These particular plants produce unusually long petals compared to others currently in cultivation. It has been suggested that these might be a new species, but I doubt that claim.  Other than size they are identical in all other ways to all other T. luteum

Trillium luteum [USDA zone 5b – 7a]

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