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Pollination of Amorphophallus 'Le Petite Prince'

This is a video of my pollination attept of Amoprhophallus 'Le Petite Prince' (ongsakulii x myosuroides 'Silver Center).

I pollinated the female flowers of Am. 'Le Petite Prince' with pollen of Am. 'Majda' (myosuroides 'Silver Center' x pulchellus).

My hope, with myosuroides 'Silver Center' as a grandparent on both sides, is that some of the seedlings will manifest a better 'Silver Center' to the leaves.  I also hope they will exhibit even better hybrid vigor.


I accidentally ended the recording about 10 seconds early without realizing.  Love technology!!!!   LOL


Fingers crossed... this is moving into new territory with a cross between two different hybrids.


Pollination of Amorphophallus 'Le Petite Prince'