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Pinellia pedatisecta -  NEVER BUY THIS!!!

Rarely will I do a diatribe about a plant but...  here we go...

I innocently purchased a small plant of this in the early 2000's. I planted it in my Arisaema, Hosta, and Trillium woodland garden. I  expected it to form a nice cute specimen. Fast forward 2 years...  I went back to university. While gone this plant invaded the entire garden. When I moved home to help with family the plant had spread over the entire 200 feet x 200 feet woodland garden and somehow managed to find its way across 200 feet of lawn to 2 flower beds in the front yard. I have been fighting this plant since. 

It is a really cool plant with a great tropical feel for a shadded or partially shaded woodland garden but this plant is as close to plant cancer as it gets. It reproduces via underground offsets which normally is a good thing. However it self seeds and every inflorescences seems capable of producing 50 - 75 seedlings. And EVERY frack'n seed WILL produce a plant. The following year the entire woodland garden is covered with cute 1" heart-shaped seedlings. If I am not vigelant and manage to catch every inflorescence before they drop their seed the entire bed is carpeted with the seedlings and I will have to gently pull them out from between the Arisaema, HostaTrillium, and all the other woodland plants. Adult plants will grow through Hosta and will outcompete most of our native species. Once entrenched among Hosta (or other rooty perrenials) it is impossible to remove without destroying the Hosta. I end up just pulling any growths can with the hope that the tuber will eventually just die.

This plant is often sold as Arisaema dracontium. I have Ar. dracontium. It is a beautiful of a jewel native plant. It is dealy loved because it behaves. Please see my post on how to differentiate Arisaema dracontium for Piniella pedatisecta above near the Arisaema dracontium item page.

Pinellia pedatisecta - NEVER BUY THIS!!!

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