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Paphiopedilum venustum [red]

I purchased this flask. These are supposedly of a form with darker red petal tips. The photograph is that which was provided. I expect seedlings to be available 2018 - June.


This is a member of subgenus Barbata section Sigmatopetalum. This species is native to Assam (north Eastern) India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Myanmar (Burma). It has fantastically mottled leaves. Expect mature plants to have a leaf span of 5” – 6”. Inflorescences are single flowered and are 6” – 10” tall. Flowers are 3” – 3 ¾” across. Sepals are white with longitudinal green veins. The petals are light green basally with the apical ½ orange-red to red. The petals have many black raised spots. The pouch is light green-yellow to yellow, with a light orange overlay. The entire pouch is veined dark green. Plants will grow well under typical low light Paphiopedilum culture.

Paphiopedilum venustum [red]

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