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Paphiopedilum barbatum var. nigritum

I purchased this flask.  I expect seedlings to be available Fall 2018.


A member of subgenus Barbatum section, Barbatum subsection Barbatum. This species is native to southern Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, and possibly peninsular Myanmar. Expect mature plants to have a leaf span of 5” – 7”. Inflorescences are single flowered and are 6” – 10” tall. Individual flowers are 3 ¼” – 4 ½” across. Sepals are white with both dark green and purple veins. The petals are green basally with the apical ½ plum-purple. The upper margin has a few hairy black warts. The pouch is dark plum-purple. Plants will grow well with other mottled leaved low light Paphiopedilum.


Disclaimer: These are TRUE Paph. barbatum.  These should not be confused with Paph. barbatum “var. nigritum” ‘Dyak Warior’. ‘Dyak Warrior’ was collected from Borneo and is believed to be a natural hybrid of lawrenceanum and virens (javanicum var. virens)

Paphiopedilum barbatum var. nigritum

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