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Key to "rhodocheila" complex

1a. Stigmas straight or nearly straight, parallel or divergent. Stigmas not curled under or with convergent tips.                                       2a.


2a. Stigmas parallel or slightly divergent. Spur +/- 2x the length of the Labellum blade. Spur parallel under the labellum blade. Labellum bright yellow. Sepals yellow or yellow-green.    H. xanthocheila


2b. Stigmas divergent by about 90 degrees. Stigmas about ¼ the length of the pollinia sacs. Spur about 2x length of labellum blade. Entire length of the spur perpendicular to labellum blade and about a 45 degree angle to ovary. Labellum pink. Tepals greenish. Lateral sepals distinctly coiled.              H. erichmichelii


1b. Stigmas distinctly curled under, parallel with tips curved under, or with convergent tips. Stigmas not parallel.                                     3a.


3a. Stigmas with parallel bases and tips curved under or distinctly curled under. Stigmas not parallel basally with convergent tips.    4a.



4a. Stigmas parallel with tips curved under. Stigmas about 2/3 length of the pollinia sacks. Spur about 1 ½ x length of labellum blade. Basal 1/3 of spur perpendicular to labellum blade, apical 2/3 parallel under labellum blade. Labellum blade orange, rarely yellow or yellow-orange. Tepals greenish.                                        H. rhodocheila


4b. Stigmas distinctly curled under. Stigmas much shorter that the pollinia sacs. Spur about 2x the length of the labellum blade. Basal ½ of spur perpendicular to the labellum blade, apical ½ parallel under the labellum blade. Labellum blade red. Tepals red.                H. roebbelenii


3b. Stigmas parallel basally, with apices convergent, the tips touching or nearly touching. Stigmas the same length or longer than the pollinia sacks. Spur about 2x length of labellum. Spur parallel to or appressed to the ovary and rachis. Labellum pink.    H. janellehayneiana

Key to "rhodocheila" complex

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