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Habenaria Sunrise Plumes 'Harbinger' (roebelenii x medusa)

Plants are flowering size divisions of the ‘Harbinger cultivar in 2" rose pots. The ‘Harbinger’ cultivar is a very flat, full, light pink select cultivar. I expect it will be awarded if I ever take it to judging.


Plants are produced from a carrot-like subterranean tuber that is 1½” – 3” long. Mature tubers can be 3" - 5" long. Plants produce a rosette of leaves, from the center of which the inflorescence emerges. Expect plants to be 6” – 8” across when mature. As the inflorescence emerges, the internodes between the leaves elongate, and the leaves separate. The inflorescences will be 10” – 15” tall and bear 10 – 25 flowers. Individual flowers are 1” tall and 1" – 1½” wide. The dorsal sepal and petals are cream-green and form a hood over the naughty bits. The lateral sepals are cream-green and folded backward.  The labellum is light pink. If grown in very bright light the coloration will fade. The spur is 1” – 1¼” long and green. Plants are deciduous and have a very distinct dormancy period. Plants will do well under filtered light similar to Phalaenopsis, but will multiply faster with brighter light. Plants prefer to be evenly moist while in active growth. When the leaves begin to yellow after flowering (September) stop watering. Only resume watering when a new shoot is seen in spring (April – May).  The first watering after dormancy should come from below. This is done by soaking the pots in a small saucer of water.

Habenaria Sunrise Plumes 'Harbinger' (roebelenii x medusa)

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