Eulophia Memoria Alexis Pardo (guineensis x andamanensis)

Plants are near flowering size to flowering size seedlings in 4"  pots.  This was purchased as a flask in 2016.  When the growths mature I expect them to be 8" - 15" tall with 2" - 2½” rounded pseudobulbs. I was not provided with photographs of the parents. The photographs provided are borrowed.


Euph. guineensis native to central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is a terrestrial orchid with a large 2½” – 3” oval pseudobulb. It is topped with 2-4½” – 18” leaves. It is seasonally deciduous. The inflorescence is 18” – 24” tall and carry 10-25 flowers each. Individual flowers are 1¾” – 2½” across. The sepals are dark brown to dark mahogany. The labellum is white and nearly solid dark pink.

Euph. andamanensis is native to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia Sumatra, and the Andaman Islands.  It is a terrestrial with a 2½” – 3” elongated pseudobulb. It is topped with 2-3 8” – 10” leaves. It is seasonally deciduous. The inflorescence is 12” –15” tall and carry 10-15 flowers each. Individual flowers are 1” – 1 ¼” across. Sepals and petals are light tan-yellow to honey-yellow veined darker.  The labellum is tan-yellow with a white center and darker mahogany-brown veins. 


Eulophia is rarely seen in cultivation and hybrids are even more unique. Expect plants 12” – 15” tall. Expect inflorescences 15” – 20” tall. Flowers should be 1½” across. Sepals and petals should be brownish. The labellum should be pink with some darker purple veining. Plants will grow well with Cattleya, but will flower better and proliferate faster with brighter light. Plants exhibit a distinct dormancy, similar to that of Catasetum. Unlike Catasetum these seem to not suffer if you over water during the dormancy.

Eulophia Memoria Alexis Pardo (guineensis x andamanensis)

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