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Dendrobium Queen Pink

Plants are flowering size in 4” – 5” pots.


This is a complex Phalaenopsis-type Dendrobium. Plants will mature at 14” – 18” tall. Inflorescences will be an additional 12” – 18” tall. Each cane can produce 1-4 inflorescences each. Each inflorescence can produce 5 – 10 flowers each. Individual flowers are 3” – 4” across. Sepals and petals are white with a light pink blush. The labellum is white with a light pink midlobe. Plants grown under brighter light and cooler temperatures often exhibit darker pink coloration.  Plants will grow well with Cattleya preferring brighter light. These are evergreen Dendrobium and should not drop their leaves.

Dendrobium Queen Pink

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