Cynorkis lowiana

Plants are flowering size in 2" rose pots or 4" pots.  


A member of section Lowiorchis. This species is native to eastern Madagascar. Plants are produced from a carrot-like subterranean tuber that begins to flower when 2” long and ¼” - ½” wide. These eventually mature to be 4” – 5” long and ¾” – 1¼” wide. Plants produce a single long leaf that is subtended by 1-2 smaller green leaf-like sheaths. Inflorescences emerge from the center of the growth. Inflorescences will be 4” – 6” long. Each can carry 3 – 9 flowers. Individual flowers are 1” – 1½” long. Flowers have a ¾” – 1” long spur. The dorsal sepal and petals form a hood over the column. They are light amethyst-purple.  The lateral sepals are white to white-green. The labellum is 4 parted. It is amethyst-purple with a white center that has 2 dark purple elongated blotches.

Plants are deciduous and have a very distinct dormancy period. Plants will do well under filtered light similar to Phalaenopsis, but will multiply faster with brighter light. Plants prefer to be evenly moist while in active growth. When the leaves begin to yellow after flowering stop watering. Only resume watering when a new shoot is seen in spring. The first watering after dormancy should come from below. This is done by soaking the pots in a small saucer of water. 


Note: unlike the related Habenaria I have found that Cynorkis lowiana and several other Cynorkis species are a bit precocious. They can begin growing at any point. In 2018 I had several plants flower that immediately began to produce new growth. These flowered a month later. I find Cynorkis to be much more forgiving of watering at the “wrong” time.  I have only rotted one and it was because it sat in water for weeks when it should have been dormant.

Cynorkis lowiana

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