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Cynorkis gibbosa

Plants are flowering size, 1" - 1½” tubers, in 2" rose pots or 4" pots.  


This species is native to eastern Madagascar. Plants are produced from a carrot-like subterranean tuber that begins to flower when 1” –  1½” long and ¼” - ½” wide. These eventually mature to be 4” – 6” long and ¾” – 1¼” wide. Plants produce a single long leaf that is subtended by 1-2 smaller green leaf-like sheaths. The leaf is medium green variously spotted with irregularly shaped purple-black to bright purple spots. These spots fade as the leaf ages. Inflorescences emerge from the center of the growth. Inflorescences will be 10” – 20” tall. Each can carry 10 - 40 flowers. Individual flowers are 1” – 1½” long. Flowers have a ¾” – 1” long spur. The dorsal sepal and petals form a hood over the column. They are orange-peach to orange-pink. The lateral sepals spread widely and are also orange-peach to orange-pink. The labellum is 4 lobed. It is lighter orange-peach to orange-pink, with a central magenta to purple-pink blotch, and a magenta to purple-pink blotch in the throat.

Cynorkis gibbosa

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