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Cynorkis angustipetala

Plants are a single (1) flowering size to near flowering size, ¾” – 1”, dormant tuber of Cyn. angustipetala. Tubers will be potted in either 2” rose pots or 4” round pots. 


This species is native to central and eastern Madagascar. Plants are produced from a carrot-like subterranean tuber that begins to flower when ¾” – 1” long. These eventually mature to be 4” – 6” long and ¾” – 1¼” wide. Plants produce a single long leaf (or a pair) that is subtended by several smaller green leaf-like sheaths. Inflorescences emerge from the center of the growth. Inflorescences will be 12” – 20” tall. Each can carry 10 - 40 flowers. Individual flowers are ¾” – 1 ¼” wide. Flowers have a ¾” – 1” long spur. The dorsal sepal and petals form a hood over the column. The top of the dorsal sepal is dark pink-purple. The lateral sepals recurve backwards or are held flat. They are light pink to off white. The labellum is 4 lobed. It is light pink to off white, with a central dark purple-pink blotch, and dark purple-pink spots in the throat.

Cynorkis angustipetala

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