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Cryptanthus ‘Hummel’s Haze’

Plants are young pups 3" - 5" across in 2" rose pots.


This cultivar originated around 1977 and is of unknown parentage. Leaves are gracile, much thinner than those of other Cryptanthus cultivars. Leaves are green to olive-green heavily overlaid with red-bronze to red to solid red-bronze. The bases and apices are variously covered with tiny grey-silver spots. This is a taller less compact plant. Expect plants to be 4” – 6” tall and 14” – 20” across. The Bromeliad Cultivar Registrar hypothesizes that this is a possible hybrid with Billbergia. Coloration of this cultivar is very dependent upon cultural conditions. Brighter light will bring out darker red-bronze coloration.

Cryptanthus ‘Hummel’s Haze’

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