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Cryptanthus bivittatus var. atropurpureus 'Ruby'

Plants are mature 4" - 5" across in 2" rose pots.


Please note  the various photographs.  These are divisions of teh same plant grown under different conditions. Brighter light and temperatures in the upper 70's - 80's bring out the best red coloration.


This cultivar originated around 1979. It is believed by some to be a cultivar of Cry. bivittatus var. atropurpureus and by others to be a hybrid from Cry. bivittatus var. atropurpureus. Leaves are dark red-pink with a darker red-green central longitudinal stripe and margin. Leaf margins are densely shortly serrate (with teeth 1mm apart). Expect mature plants to be 6” – 8” across.

Cryptanthus bivittatus var. atropurpureus 'Ruby'

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