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Arisaema flavum 'Yellow' (4 small) [USDA zones 4b - 7b

Plants are small ¼” – ½”,  near flowering size bare root tubers. With proper culture plants should flower next year.


A member of section Dochafa. This species is native Somalia, Ethiopia, the mountains of Yemen, the mountains of southern Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, northwest India and Bhutan. This species as with our native Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and most Arisaema species are seasonally dormant. Plants sprout from a subterranean corm or tuber in the same fashion as the spring Crocus.  Plants of this species grow 8” – 12” tall. Each tuber produces a single stem that terminates with 1-2 “leaves”. Each leaf is pedate (2-lobed with the two lobes also lobed). Each “leaf” consists of 6 - 9 smaller oblong leaflets. At the base of the two leaves is the inflorescence. The plant alone is very ornamental. The inflorescence is single flowered and the flower opens as the leaves begin to unfurl giving a good view of the flower. The flower is ¾” – 1¼” tall and about ¾” wide. The “flower” is actually a modified inflorescence that consists of the spathe (outer ornamental part) and the spadix (internal sexual bits). In this type the base of the spathe is white and green with green veins. The apex or lid of the spathe is a bright yellow or golden yellow.

Arisaema flavum 'Yellow' (4 small) [USDA zones 4b - 7b

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