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Catasetum tabulare var. rhinophorum

A member of subgenus Catasetum section Catasetum. This species in native to eastern Colombia. Expect pseudobulbs to be 10” – 18” tall and to be topped by 4-6, 10” – 15” long leaves. Each growth can produce 2-3 inflorescences. Inflorescences are 8” – 12” long and produce 8 – 12 flowers. Male flowers: Sepals and petals are white to light green spotted red. The labellum is white covered in red spots.  Female flowers: Sepals and petals are green. The helmet shaped is green-yellow. Like Arisaema in family Araceae, all Catasetum (and Cycnoches) alternate producing male and female flowers.  The production of female flowers is associated with well grown strong plants grown in the brightest light. The production of male flowers is associated with lower light levels. Plants NEED a very distinct dry rest period October – March.  Very limited watering should occur unt the new growths are 1” – 2” tall with roots 1” long.


Price is $45 for the plant and $15 for shipping and handling.

Catasetum tabulare var. rhinophorum

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