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Arisaema fargesii (medium) NFS - FS

[USDA zone 5a - 8b]


Plants are about 2", 2 year, near flowering size to flowering size tubers. Some of these may flower in season. But with proper care I expect all plants to flower next year.


A member of section Franchetiana. This species is native to eastern Tibet and China (Chongqing, southern Gansu, western Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, eastern Xizang, and northwest Yunnan). This species as with our native Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and most Arisaema species are seasonally dormant. Plants sprout from a subterranean corm or tuber in the same fashion as the spring Crocus.  Plants of this species grow 12” – 24” tall. Each corm produces a single stem that terminates with a single “leaf”. Each consists of 3 large rounded leaflets.  Plants alone are very ornamental. The inflorescence is produced from the base of the leafy stem. The inflorescences is 3” – 4” tall. The inflorescence is single flowered and the flower opens as the leaves begin to unfurl giving a good view of the flower. The flower is 4” – 6” tall.  The “flower” is actually a modified inflorescence that consists of the spathe (outer ornamental part) and the spadix (internal sexual bits). In this species the spathe is mahogany with white longitudinal stripes. The apex (lid) is solid dark mahogany to mahogany-purple.

Arisaema fargesii (medium) NFS - FS

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