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Amorphophallus pulchellus '#2' (5) @ $74.99

Plants are near flowering size, ¼” – ½” tubers. The last photograph is of the tubers offered here.  This offering is for 5 tubers are the package deal of $74.99 plus S & H.


Plants are a different strain than Am. pulchellus '#1'.


This species is native to Laos. This species as with most Amorphophallus and Arisaema species are seasonally dormant. Plants of this species grows 5” - 8” tall. Each tuber produces a single stem that terminates with a single “leaf”. Each leaf consists of a small umbrella of 5 – 7 smaller leaflets that is 4” – 6” across. The stem is rust basally fading to green at the leaf. Unlike other Amorphophallus, the inflorescence is produced a few weeks after the leaves are produced. Inflorescences top the leaves by a few inches. The inflorescence is 6” – 8” tall. The inflorescence is single “flowered”. The “flower” is actually a modified inflorescence that consists of the spathe (outer ornamental part) and the spadix (internal sexual bits). The spadix is 2” – 3” tall, elongate, tapering to a point, cream-white to cream-yellow. The spathe that surrounds the spadix is ¾” – 1¼” long. The spathe is cupped around the base of the spadix with an expanded “spoon-like” apex. The interior of the spathe is white with a purple base. Externally it is white to light pink with darker veins basally. Flowers last only a few days. This is a miniature plant. This species is "POWERFULLY SWEETLY" fragrant.


Note: Plants are signaled to enter dormancy when night time temperatures drop to 60F to the upper 50's. 

Amorphophallus pulchellus '#2' (5) @ $74.99

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