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Amorphophallus prainii

[USDA 11 – 13]


Plants are 5" - 7" tall in 4” plastic pots.  With proper culture I expect these will flower in 2 - 3 years. 


This species is native to southern Laos, southern and peninsular Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and (?) Sarawak, Malaysia (?). This species as with most Amorphophallus and Arisaema species are seasonally dormant. Plants of this species grows 24” – 42” tall. Each tuber produces a single stem that terminates with a single “leaf” or inflorescence. Each leaf consists of an inverted umbrella of smaller leaflets that is 18” – 30” across. The stem is green marbled with irregular light green, cream, or white blotches. The plant alone is very ornamental. The inflorescence is produced from the naked tuber before the leaves are produced. The inflorescence is 6” - 12” tall. The inflorescence is single “flowered. The “flower” is actually a modified inflorescence that consists of the spathe (outer ornamental part) and the spadix (internal sexual bits). The spadix is 4” – 10” tall. The spadix appendage white to cream. The base is bulbous with the apex tapering to a point. The spathe that surrounds the spadix is 4” – 6” long. It splays open with the edges often recurved. The exterior surface is white overlaid with very light green. The interior surface is cream-white with the base near the female flowers dark red-purple. Flowers last only a few days. The flowers attract flies for pollination.

Amorphophallus prainii

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