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Amesiella LOC Snow White (minor x monticola)

Plants are near flowering size, with 1½” to 2" leafspan, in 2” rose pots in a mix of loosely packed sphagnum, charcoal, and styrofoeam peanuts. Plants could be moved to mounts.


Amesiella is a genus of monopodial orchids endemic to the northern Philippines. ALL 3 species are found on the Island of Luzon. Plants are compact to miniature. Plants of this hybrid will begin to flower when the plants are 2” – 2½” across.  Inflorescences will be 2-5 flowered. Individual flowers will be 1¼” – 2” across. Sepals and petals will be pure white. The labellum will be white with or without a yellow halo in the throat. Plants will grow well in Phalaenopsis light levels, but need to be intermediate to cool. Plants like to be evenly moist but need a well-drained mix.  Plants are reportedly fertilizer sensitive. Mounting or small baskets are suggested.


1st photo is Ames. monticola courtesy of Alexey Tretyakov.

2nd photo is Ames. minor courtesy of Eerika Schultz

Amesiella LOC Snow White (minor x monticola)

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