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Aerangis Pionier (mystacidii x kotschyana)

Plants are near flowering size 3” – 4” seedlings in 1" pots. With good culture expect these to flower in season, late 2018 to early 2019. 


1st photographs is Aerg. mystacidii. 2nd Aerg. kotschyana.


This is a medium sized Aerangis. Expect plant to begin flowering when 3” – 4” in leaf span. Plants will eventually mature at 5” – 6”. Stems should remain compact with little space between the leaves.  Inflorescences will be 8” – 12” long and carry 5 – 15+ flowers each. Individual flowers will be 1¼” – 1½” across with a 3” – 4” curled spur. Flowers are pure white with a pink spur.  Flowers are delightfully fragrant at night. Like most Aerangis they like HUMID conditions but not “wet feet”. A soggy medium will lead to root loss.  As a result plants are often mounted or planted in small slotted plastic baskets. 

Aerangis Pionier (mystacidii x kotschyana)

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