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2017 - 806 (Habenaria erichmichelii '#1' x Cynorkis uniflora '#2')

This is a hybrid that is presently in capsule 2017 – September. The capsules of Habenaria and related genera only take 30-45 days to mature. I expect seed to be flasked 2017 – November. Flasks should be available 2018 – September.  Photographs are THE parents utilized.


H. erichmichelii produces 5-15 flowers on a 6” – 8” inflorescence.  Individual flowers are ¾” – 1” across. Sepals and petals are greenish and rather insignificant. The labellum is a warm rose-pink. This species is sweetly fragrant. 


Cynorkis uniflora ‘#1’ produces 1-3 flowers on an 8” – 12” inflorescence.  Individual flowers are 1¾” – 2¼” across. The sepals and petals are green with some dark purple spotting. The lateral sepals are spreading. The labellum is a rose-purple with some darker purple spots in the throat. This species is STRONGLY sweetly fragrant.


I expect this xCynorkaria hybrid to produce 6” – 8” inflorescences with 4-6 flowers. Individual flowers will be 1” – 1½” across. Sepals will be green. The lateral sepals will be spreading, possibly with some purple spots. The labellum will be rose-pink to rose-purple. I expect this hybrid to be sweetly fragrant.

2017 - 806 (Habenaria erichmichelii '#1' x Cynorkis uniflora '#2')

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