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2017 - 1101 (Habenaria medusa '#1' x Cynorkis gibbosa '#2')

This is a hybrid that is presently in capsule 2017 – November. The capsules of Habenaria and related genera only take 30-45 days to mature. I expect seed to be flasked 2017 – November. Flasks should be available 2018 – September. Photographs are THE parents utilized.


H. medusa produces 10 – 25 flowers per inflorescence. Individual flowers are 3” – 3 ¾” across. Sepals and petals are green and hooded over the naughty bits. The labellum is pure white with a small red crest. This particular clone is particularly vigorous. Producing 1-2 additional tubers per year. It may eventually become ‘Harbinger’.


Cynorkis gibbosa is from a related genus from Madagascar. It produces (25 – 40) 1½” - 2" flowers on strong upright inflorescences. The coloration is an orange-coral with some purple spots or blotches on the sepals and labellum.


With previous experience, we realize H. medusa eats color. I expect this xCynorkaria hybrid to have VERY light pink to coral color. Some will have darker coloration. The center of the labellum might have a central darker spot. I expect mature plants to carry 15-30 flowers each. Individual flower will be 1½” – 2½” across.

2017 - 1101 (Habenaria medusa '#1' x Cynorkis gibbosa '#2')