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2017 - 1007 Habenaria (Pegasus 'Harbinger's PC' x Cynorkis gibbosa '#1')

This is a hybrid that is presently in capsule 2017 – October. The capsules of Habenaria and related genera (Cynorkis) only take 30-45 days to mature. I expect seed to be flasked 2017 – December. Flasks should be available 2018 – September. Photographs are of THE parents utilized.


H. Pegasus = (carnea x medusa). The 'Harbinger's PC' clone the PC means "pink center" as it has a darker pink center that the remaining plants that have flowered. Flowers are 1½” across.


Cynorkis gibbosa is from a related genus from Madagascar. It produces (25 – 40)  1½” - 2" flowers on strong upright inflorescences. The coloration is an orange-coral with some purple spots or blotches on the sepals and labellum.


Medelian genetics theorizes that in some of the offspring, the pink genes from the carnea grandparent will come through. I expect this xCynorkia hybrid to produce 10 – 20 flowers.  Individual flowers will be 1½” – 2” pink to coral flowers. Some spotting is possible. A trait not seen in ANY of the Habenaria hybrids. Regardless of color these plants will produce inflorescences 10" - 20" tall carrying 15-25 flowers. Individual flowers will be 1½” – 2” across. The fringed lip is a definite. I find Cynorkis species, for the most part, less apt to ROT if you so much as show them a drop of water at the wrong time like the most hated Habenaria carnea.

2017 - 1007 Habenaria (Pegasus 'Harbinger's PC' x Cynorkis gibbosa '#1')

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