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Photographic Prints

     I have a vast library of photographs I've taken over the decades. I've been told some of them are quite good.  I am not a photographer so...   Some of these will be offered as prints suitable for framing.



      I have sold a surprising number over the years. These are available in several sizes.  I keep 8 ½” x 11" on stock.  These are digitally printed on archival acid-free cardstock.  These are cropped so that the subject will fit well within a pre-cut 11" x 14" matting.  These will be dated and signed on the reverse.  In effect these will all be one of a kind.  If you see any of my photographs, here or on the various forums (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) not listed in the "Prints" section of which you would like a print, contact me.  I enjoy sharing plants in any way possible. These make nice gifts for people who appreciate plants but send them to the compost pile.

     NOTE:  To view each image in better detail go to the "Quick View"option. It permits you to zoom in on each image.

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